Rianne S

Rianne S

RIANNE S, the luxury sexual lifestyle brand specializes in creating beautiful and original sensual accessories for today's woman. Designed to stimulate the senses, the RIANNE S collection invites you to explore your sexual boundaries and unleash the goddess inside each and every one of you.

RIANNE S wants you to enter into the world of eroticism and arouse and evoke the sexual energy within. Inspired to empower, excite and explore sexual desires, each vibrator of the RIANNE S collection has been thoughtfully designed with you and pleasure in mind.

The RIANNE S sex toys combine sexuality, style and intelligence, which above all deliver the desirable results. The products are simple to use and easy to incorporate into sexual play and also beautiful and fashionably classic. All the products in the RIANNE S collection have been made to inspire the sexual mind as well as the body and are crafted using the highest quality of materials.

The RIANNE S company formed by its namesake Rianne Swierstra in 2010 has created the perfect sexual luxury lifestyle brand that celebrates women and sexuality, with orgasmic sex toys, seductive massagers, sexy jewelry and sensuous pasties.

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Booty Plug Set 3-Pack Black or Purple

Rianne S allows wearers to display their booty beauty with pride. This medical-grade silicone butt plug comes in three sizes as an ideal training kit ..