Naked Plug Series from Crystal Delights - long stem

Sale Naked Plug Series from Crystal Delights - long stem

Naked Plug Series from Crystal Delights – long stem 

The Naked Plug Series features the Classic Crystal Delights plug with a flat bottom, and no accoutrements, just a simple beautiful opulent glass plug. This sleek, uncomplicated plug features no extra accessories or embellishments for those who prefer a more classic aesthetic. Like all Crystal Delights plugs, they have carefully designed the Naked Plug for optimal comfort, pleasure, and safety. It features a slender stem and flared base, which keeps the plug safely outside the body so that it can be guided or removed at any time.

The long stem plug is available with three different bulb sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Because these products are all hand made, they will differ slightly in the overall dimensions. Please expect that your piece will look very similar to the picture, but the dimensions given are approximate and no two anal plugs are exactly the same. With proper care and use, a Crystal Delights toy will last a lifetime.

  • Smooth Body-Safe Materials
  • Natural and Eco-Friendly
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Compatible with both silicone and water based lubricants
  • Available in three bulb sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • A short-stem version with three bulb sizes is also available.

Specifications (all specifications are approximate)

  • Long Stem - Small Bulb
    • Length: 4.1" inches
    • Bulb Diameter Width: 1.3" inches
  • Long Stem -  Medium Bulb
    • Length: 4.4" inches
    • Bulb Diameter Width: 1.6" inches
  • Long Stem - Large Bulb
    • Length: 4.9" inches
    • Bulb Diameter Width: 1.8" inches










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