JockRing Boa "Debut" Silver Cock Ring Bracelet with Caprice

JockRing Boa "Debut" Silver Cock Ring Bracelet with Caprice

JockRing Boa “Debut” Dual Purpose Silvertone Bracelet / Cock Ring with Perineum Caprice handmade in Greece by Esculpta

The Jockring BOA DEBUT in SILVERTONE is the pièce de résistance of the glamour-conscious Bondesque Super-villain. A unique piece of jewelry designed in the Esculpta Atelier that converts from a totally inconspicuous bracelet to a luxurious sexual performance tool when the time comes. The BOA DEBUT has a snap-on rubber clasp and is customizable for the perfect fit as a bracelet or cock ring.

The Jockring Boa Debut comes with an ergonomic perineum teasing Caprice for the ultimate sensation. The Caprice can also be worn independently as a jewelry necklace with the included adjustable black cord. Wear the Boa Debut as a stylish bracelet or under your favorite underwear for a bulge boost and performance enhancer.

Jockring BOA DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: Jewelry Bracelet or Cock Ring

  • A penis ring which is as beautiful as it is fully functional both as a penis ring and bracelet
  • Size adjustable for men within the full endowment spectrum
  • Wearable and removable from a frontal latch (without the effort encountered with lower-end/common penis-rings)
  • A clasp simple enough to fasten with a single freehand when worn as a bracelet
  • Ergonomics and contours comfortable for both purposes
  • Disguise a cock ring in plain sight (in real life) when you're traveling, passing metal detectors subject to a possible body search.
  • To add a twist that (we believe) enriches the overall experience of using our creations beyond the bedroom or nudist beach.

What we like MOST about this dazzling power jewelry is that when it is worn on the wrist, its bold design and appearance constitute a cue for a very likely compliment. What little do they know is this bracelet is always ready for sexual pleasure and is a most treasured piece of erotic body jewelry.  


  • Silver-Plated BOA DEBUT Bracelet / Cock Ring
    • Gloss finished over metal alloy
    • Approx 2.75” diameter (70mm) to be trimmed down to custom fit as desired.
    • Additional length of rubber approx 13”. Long enough to make several sizes.
    • Spare Black Rubber Clasp Ring
  • Gold Caprice Perineum Stimulator
    • BOA can be worn with or without the Caprice
    • One pendant cord about 115cm long for the Caprice, to wear optionally as a necklace medallion. Cord is adjustable to your neck size, we recommend wearing it long.
    • An attractive gift box

Sizing Customization – Custom-fit your JockRing BOA simply and intuitively in less than 5 minutes.

  • With a tug, pull apart the rubber froom the jewelry ends.
  • Cut the rubber shorter using a utility knife. Cut a little at a time and plug the metal plugs into the rubber. Try it on again until JockRing makes a snug fit around your package (penis and scrotum) or fit to your wrist if wearing as a bracelet.

It's very friendly and intuitive once you are hands-on with this item but just to give you an idea, about 10cm (3.9") of rubber component is required for a large male bracelet and about 5-6 cm (2-2.4") for a regular size penis ring. It's quite hard to mess up, but we have you covered with a lot of additional rubber even if you do!

The JockRing BOA “Debut” Caprice Edition CockRing is also available in Silvertone.

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