Birds of Flight Gold Hoops Labia Jewelry Rings

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Birds of Flight Labia Jewelry Rings With Removable Gold Chain Tassels

These lovely women's gold hoops non piercing labia jewelry rings with removable gold jewelry chains and birds of flight pendants are an exquisite piece of body jewelry. The gorgeous 18k gold plated labia jewelry rings feature a spring loaded clip which holds them securely in place, while still being comfortable. Attached to each stunning gold labia ring are two short gold chain jewelry chains with gold birds of flight pendants to tease your her inner thighs. The hoop tassel gold jewelry rings will look wonderful under your favorite outfit, or without anything at all.  Suitable for all day wear.

What makes this set of body jewelry special, is that should you desire to just wear the gold hoop labia rings by themselves for a sophisticated and sexy look, the dangling pendants chains can be easily removed and added back when you want to enjoy their sensation. 

  • Jewelry Finishes:18k Gold Plated
  • One size fits most
  • 2 Gold hoop jewelry rings
  • Removable gold chains with birds of flight pendants
  • Suitable for all day wear.
  • Wear with mathcing nipple rings and waist chain – Sold Separately

This sexy gold hoop and birds of flight jewelry rings are a work of fine art, crafted by renowned Parisian artist, Sylvie Monthule handmade in France, with highest quality materials.

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"Body Jewelry in harmony with one's self and nature."

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